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Departmental Research Philosophy | AS&H

Departmental Research Philosophy


Curiosity and Necessity are said to be the Mother of INVENTION

• From the early era of human civilization, it is well accepted that humans prefer to live in society. This society is transforming very fast and day by day its curiosities as well as needs are also growing in exponential manner. To meet these needs and to provide a satisfactory explanation to the curiosity of the developing human mind, undertaking research and innovation is exceptionally essential. This indeed has led us to speculate that research is an essential component in the development of society. From its civilization, Human is curious and trying to unravel the secrets of the origin of the universe and underlying phenomena. On its journey, different branches have been developed, which are trying to provide satisfactory explanations to observed and experienced novel phenomena. However, there is a long way to go and so many secrets are still in the dark shed and need multi-dimensional focus and approach to understand different aspects of nature. Basically, at Department of AS&H, our research is focused in areas of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering. We are looking forward to develop advanced and functional materials suitable for different applications. Also we are applying the mathematical modeling and approaches to understand the trend and behavioral analysis of different processes and systems. Our systematic approach towards this is based on the following philosophy

“Take up one idea! Make that idea in your life, think of it. Dream of it and live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves every part of your body be full of that idea and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success”By SWAMI VIVEKANANDA.

• We believe this is the “Success Mantra” for the Research & Development for the faculties as well as students. Our Philosophy is to nurture creativity and innovative thinking abilities through possible exposure to the various Engineering subject applications which they study during first year. Since we are intended to transfer our skills in research and innovations in our students, In addition to research activities, we are engaged in organizing various technical events and workshops to trigger creativity, innovation among our students. For the technical skill development of students, we inculcate project based learning through competitions likes robotics, PCB designing, model and poster making, matholic- weekly puzzle competition, mega technical event “ SPECTRUM” etc exclusively.

• At present, in the Department of AS&H, a total number of 08 faculties (Mathematics-3, Physics -2, Chemistry -2, English-1) have completed Ph.D. and are working in different areas like Materials Science, Nanomaterials, Energy conversion storage materials and technologies, Water and environment related problems etc. and also 07 faculties are pursuing PhD from various renowned universities and institutes across India. Our two faculties have received Postdoctoral Research training from abroad.

Note : We are always looking forward to joining hands with exceptional collaborators. We also would like to accommodate highly motivated and self-driven students in our groups. If you are interested to join us in different capacities as a collaborator or student, please feel free to Contact. Kindly do visit the faculty research group and contact them personally.